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Misguided in the right direction

I miss my friends, the ones that I’ve known for years and know every little detail about the inner me. And I miss the ones that I haven’t known for long or rly had the chance to hang out with, and eventhough they dont know much about me, they still get and understand me. And they seem to be the ones above anybody who try to keep in contact with me. Although I see this as something normal. Because when you know every last detail of someones life, theres not much to talk about on a daily basis, so you only catch up once inna while. The ones who dont rly know you will wanna talk to you more, and try to get to know you. I skyped with someone for almost 2 hrs from 3am-5am that I’ve only met once and we rly didnt talk all that much during that night. But to be able to talk to someone whos pretty much a stranger about things that matter for 2 hrs just for the sake of getting to know someone who lives 1500 miles away goes to show that there are still ppl out there who are real, and appriciate a person for who they are. rahhhh, now im rambling because im le tired.

….why cant i be closer to the ppl who care to know me and like me for the person I am? the closest one is 900 miles away,thats 900 miles too far.